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Weeknotes 01

It's 2024!

If anything reflects my thoughts on New Year's Resolutions, it's that I could've waited two weeks and had this be my first weeknote, and my first weeknote of 2024.

But I didn't.

Rage, rage against the dying of the settled era

About two and a half months ago I moved in to Sheffield. Beforehand, I was living nowhere out of three well-packed bags. Thus I dubbed the following time in my life my settled era, and hardly left Sheffield as I grew acclimatised to it.

This weekend I'm in London, having spent about 5 or 6 hours per day on public transport. I won't lie, it's been fairly enjoyable and I've read more books than I otherwise would've, but it is still quite tiring.

Perhaps now I am entering my ambiguous era of geographical location as I begin the ebb and flow towards vagabond-ship.

I got a sewing machine!

As (I think) previously mentioned, I've had a pile of fabric and a pattern for a dress waiting in the wings for a while. This week I got a little into gear. I layed out the pattern on the fabric and thought about which of the three options (sleeveful, half-sleeved, and sleeveless) I wanted to make, and considered my logistics.

My main issue was that the sewing machine I've been using for smaller projects is at the hackspace, where there is not a lot of room nor flat space to lay out about two-by-two metres of fabric. So, if I did want to use that machine, I'd have to cut things at home, and keep ferrying them to the hackspace to work on them.

Instead, I put a post on a Facebook page asking to borrow a sewing machine for a few days to make my dress, and to my surprise someone asked if I wanted one for free that they weren't using! I did! I went to collect it and now I am the owner of one new Toshiba contraption. Thanks person!

I haven't written 2024 yet

I saw the new year tick over. It hasn't registered yet, I think mainly because I haven't written the New Year.

In school every new year would herald a wave of wrong-years at the top of pages, but now I hardly write the date. I imagine it will come up the next time I write a postcard.


interlude while I change trains


I want to change how my blog works

Currently the client loads the content using javascript (using a small JS thing called zero-md). This was fun and easy to set up, as I did not use a static site builder or framework, but just wrote each HTML file. Zero-md loads and parses a markdown file into HTML on the client.

This was nice at the time but now I've used Eleventy a couple of times, so I'd quite like to switch to that.

There are a lot of issues on my blog repo which would require very manual solutions (adding something on each page etc) but would be simple with a site builder like Eleventy.

Eventually I'll get round to it. At the moment I'm trying to find more work :)


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