alifeee's weeknotes


Weeknotes 03

This week I come to you from in front of a boiling pan of potatoes.

It's very windy outside.

I did some more work on the lipu tenpo website

I did some more work on! It's now approaching enough that (hopefully a dead link) can soon be put on

I learnt sewing theory

Last week I borrowed a book on sewing basics.

Yesterday I read it. Now I've been exposed to many different types of stitch, zip, button, and fastening.

Eventually I'll start making my dress.

I played Factorio again!

I played session 2 of the massive proximity chat Factorio game! It went great :)

I went to a co-working space

It was alright.

I saw stuff by Phlegm

They're an artist based in Sheffield. They have a gallery in town at the moment. I recognised their work much more than I thought I might.

I made a Spanish Omelette

It was tasty.

Now, I must get back to these potatoes.


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