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Weeknotes 4

Another week, another week!

I applied to a hospitality job

There is (currently) one board game cafe in Sheffield: The Treehouse Board Game Cafe. I love board game cafes! I learnt on Thursday that they are advertising for a part time job, so I decided to apply!

As is my wont, I wrote my cover letter in markdown, as I am oh-so-familiar with it. However, markdown isn't very presentable. So, I stuck that markdown file on one of my websites (that is built by Eleventy) to make it a very readable webpage. The final step was making into a PDF, which involved writing a few print media CSS rules so that it came out nicely. I also stuck this on the website because why not. My friends were very helpful in proofreading and suggesting changes to this letter. Thanks so much!

Then, I wanted to print it at my local liibrary (I also love libraries), which - as I don't own a printer - would usually include logging onto about 5 different services just to get to Google- or OneDrive. However, this time, since it was on the Internet already, all I had to to was visit the URL and I had my PDF to print! Very easy.

I'll find out next week what happens to my application.

I went to Front-End Sheffield (FES)

I saw of FES' existence on Meetup a few months ago. This week I finally went to their event. This month, Andy Carter gave a talk on the importance of semantic HTML. It was stuff I've been reading about a lot for the past couple of years, so it was nice to see it put together as a slideshow. Everyone there I talked to afterwards was very friendly, and I definitely want to go again. I might even do a talk...

I talked with someone about how wonderful we find personal websites, so maybe we could do a talk on that :)

I played Factorio

Again! With proximity chat from my mod. This is the third session, and there is still to be one without some technical issues, although this time I didn't know about them and someone troubleshot themselves for a while until they figured it out. It's not an issue with my mod though! It's an issue with Mumble being weird with software audio devices.

This week I made robots and solar panels. As the factory is getting quite large, it's quite easy to end up far away from everyone unless you make an effort, meaning you end up alone a lot. That being present, I made sure to stick with people and suggest we work on things together so we could chat while doing so.

I went for an eye test

They did a new thing where they blasted air at my eyes about 6 times. Usually I find eye tests fine, but this was incredibly un-enjoyable. In the end my presciption didn't change (-3.25 Dioptres in both eyes), but I still got some new glasses (because they were free).

I went for lunch with someone I emailed

A few weeks ago I found, which is a collection of digital-related things in Sheffield. I found some web developers that were near where I work on there, so I thought it would be fun to meet up. I emailed them, one replied, and Neil and I went for lunch with them. It was interesting to be able to find people on the Internet like this.


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