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Weeknotes 07

This week I write from home, which breaks a pattern of travel-writing from trains. There are some vegetables roasting in the oven. I've never timed how long it takes me to write a weeknote, so if I get interrupted by vegetables then I know it's at least that long.

I started making a tiny ICS file generator

When I want to remember that something will happen, I'll create an event in my Google Calendar. I have to repeat a lot of actions, and it's kind of clunky. I'd like to be able to create events easier and quicker.

With this in mind, I started creating a "simple" web form, which took a few things (title, date, length, description, location), and generates an ICS file. Then, I could make an event on my phone and open the ICS file which automatically adds it to my calendar.

I don't have an image, as this blog does not have images. You can see everything contained in an HTML file here. I think I will give up on it as

However, it would be nice to generate my own ICS files to share with other people. I currently have to find a website to do that with.

I found two pieces of furniture on the street

I took them home. They're in my room. I will now put things on them. This will clear space from my existing pieces of furniture. The world revolves.

I resubscribed to Mubi

I got a free month of Mubi three months ago. After a month I tried to cancel and they offered me another free month. After that month I tried to cancel and they offered me 50% off, which I took. After that month I cancelled. A week later - which is now - I went on the website and they offered me three months for £1. I faltered. I took it.

I made it to the lipu tenpo meeting this week

lipu tenpo has an organisational meeting every Wednesday. There we discuss things like changes to the style guide, website updates, and general stuff that comes up running a zine.

Last week I forgot to go, and I didn't realise the meeting had happened for a few days. This week, I turned up (late, whoops).

Someone was there who was interested in helping with the website redesign, and also physical magazine printing. I led them through our thoughts on the two ideas, and then listened to their thoughts.

They said they were interested in helping with the website. I already had the todo list in github issues, so they were easily able to see what needs doing, and can pick it up! Love github issues.

I applied to live in a housing cooperative

I like the idea of housing cooperatives a lot. If we, as individuals, can no longer afford houses, it's only nice that we, as collectives, can. One nearby me has an opening, so I applied to their Google form. I am hopeful!

I thought more about EMFCamp

I know two other friends going to EMFCamp. This week, someone asked in our hackspace discord who was going. There were a few.

They expressed interest in making a village for the hackspace. I think this idea is a bit overdone, but I am still interested in a village, so long as some creativity is employed further than "[town] hackspace". I'd like to have a think, and create some of this creativity.

Fish break

The vegetables are half-done. Time to add some fish.

I played Factorio again

This is now a staple of these posts. It remains a good game. One friend told me the reminder messages I send ("we play tomorrow" etc) are actually helpful. What good feedback.

I chatted with the co-maintainer of gspread

I maintain gspread, with one other. We interact often in GitHub comments. Occasionally we will have a video call. We did this week. It is always nice to see the face behind the comments.

I went to a gig

I haven't been to one in a while. It was good fun. I got to both dress up, and ask for the first time for earplugs behind the venue bar.

I recently learnt that it is a legal requirement for this to be offered - just like free water - in venues that get to louder than so many decibels. Funnily enough, this is also the case at server farms, which often have a bucket of earplugs.

I haven't yet eaten vegetables

That means this didn't take too long to write! Neat! Always gotta have that in mind, otherwise come Sunday I'll procrastinate. Until next time.


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