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Weeknotes 09

A rare one today, as I write using my laptop. To keep me away from petty distractions like "spellchecking" and "markdown linting", I'm using nano which has none of that. If I opened this in VSCode I would get distracted by many red squiggly lines.

I ran a font workshop

This was very fun!!! I put a sign up in my local hackspace three weeks ago, that said "Font Workshop". It happened on Saturday.

A few people came, I did a presentation, and we made some fonts together!

Here is where I would say more, but instead I provide the maybe-joke statement of "if I don't write about it here, I'll have to make a blog post about it".

Hopefully I actually do.

I did more handstands

I'm getting better at handstands. I recorded my recent attempts, and I'm able to stay in the air for a non-zero amount of time! It's very nice to see a skill develop in my brain. It's also nice that I seem to get better at doing it when I wait a day, for the thoughts and muscle-memory to develop in my sleep.

Hopefully soon I will be able to stay in a handstand for... ten seconds!

I played Factorio!

I think we are pretty close to launching a rocket. I'd like to launch a number of rockets equal to the number of players (somewhere between 7 and 11 depending on the week), and then I think the playthrough will be "complete", in my mind. Others can carry on playing longer, but I would enjoy such a nice stopping point, rather than lacking in goals and fizzling out.

It was Kabaddi finals week

It was the final week of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League this week. My team (Dabang Delhi) was involved.

On Monday it was the eliminators. Dabang Delhi were eliminated.

On Wednesday it was the semi-finals. Jaipur Pink Panthers were eliminated.

On Friday it was the finals. It was an exciting game. Puneri Paltan won the league.

I went to Front-End Sheffield

Front-End Sheffield (FES) is a fun meetup in Sheffield with monthly talks and socials. The talk this month was about cookies in Chrome.

I enjoyed the social a lot, as I got to talk to lots of very interesting people about lots of interesting stuff!

I even met someone who said they wrote weeknotes. But they had stopped a while ago. It was still fun collecting their thoughts about it.

I did a litter pick

Someone organised a litter pick near where I do work via email. I responded that we would turn up, and we went along for half an hour and picked up some litter. I was given a flathead screwdriver - found in a hedge - which I can now use for all my tightening or untightening needs.

It was a very nice event. They said they'd like to organise it again next month. I'll definitely do it again.

I watched Magnolia

Without much knowledge of what I was getting into, I watched Magnolia yesterday evening. I wasn't prepared for how long it was, but I still enjoyed watching it.


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