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Weeeknotes 12

This week I have not written these weeknotes until late because I wanted to do some preparation for a font talk I'm doing at Front End Sheffield (FES) later this week!

Thus (because it's bedtime soon, but I want to keep my integrity of "doing this on a Sunday): a whistlestop weeknotes is in action. What have I been doing?

I updated the lipu tenpo Patreon

I updated the lipu tenpo Patreon to add a "print + post" tier. The idea is that we (I) will print each issue that is released, and post it to everyone subscribed.

I did a similar thing a year ago as an individual, but now I'm doing it as lipu tenpo e.V. It's good. On the Patreon, there are 16 members signed up already! I have stamps and envelopes, and I am thinking of finding some printable address stickers.

I helped release lipu tenpo nanpa kalama

nanpa kalama is March's issue of lipu tenpo. There was some work to release it, including making the articles digestable by the website, and screwing around with lots of images.

I decided to take part in CSS Naked Day

CSS Naked Day is an event where people strip all styles off of their website. I like the idea. I am on the 2024 list of "people who plan to get naked".

I spent a lot of time hunting bugs in a Factorio map generator

I'd like to generate a nice historical map for my finished Factorio multiplayer game. However, I came across a weird issue with overlapping maps. I subsequently spent a long time exploring code.

I revived the SkipBook™

That's my (adopted) name for a laptop I found in a skip, and booted "Damn Small Linux" onto. It's the first computer I've owned with Linux on it, which is impressive for how much I love bash.

It's hardware from 2005. I'm currently trying to get it to stay on and connected to the Internet, so I can use it as a terrible server. And so that I can...

I revived Pollen Bot

Pollen Bot is a Telegram bot I made to text me when the pollen count forecast was expected to be High or Very High, so I would be aware of when I would be feeling terrible thanks to hayfever. I still haven't decided if that knowledge is useful, or if ignorance is bliss.

Pollen bot died at the start of winter, as it uses the Met Office Pollen Forecast, which... dies at the start of winter. I'd not coded in that.

Anyway, Pollen Bot seemed like the perfect thing to put on the SkipBook™, as it is an Internet-enabled "thing", which is low-importance.

I borrowed some books from the library

I love libraries. I spent a while this week perusing the shelves in one of my local libraries, and I ended up borrowing three books. I think I will end up reading at least one of them.

I made a pincushion

My pins in my sewing box were previously stuck to a magnet, which formed a ball of spiky death. I spent an evening at the hackspace making a pincushion. I wasn't able to think very well of the design I wanted, in terms of thinking in 3D, so I ended up with a "samosa" shape (a square... folded over).

I helped someone laser cut at the hackspace

Someone came in wanting to laser cut some wood. I helped them set it up and get it going. It felt good.

I went to Red Brick Market

Red Brick Market was one of my favourite places in Birmingham. I called it "Etsy IRL". This week, they opened one in Sheffield! (the only other - and original - one is in Liverpool.) Over the coming months there should be more and more stands opening in there, so I will probably pop in every week or two and wander around, especially since it's right near the hackspace.




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