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Weeknotes 14

I have a headache, and I'm writing this in NotePad, which is bright white. Perhaps it also doesn't help that it is also in BogFace.

For most of this week I have been ill. Each day has been a lucky dip in the bag of [sore throat/headache/cough/runny nose/tired]. According to a few tests, it is not Covid, but it reminds me of it.

I did a lot of print+post stuff

This week I did a lot for lipu tenpo print+post.

I made a print order on Monday.

I bought lots of stamps on Tuesday (a few weeks ago)

The prints arrived on Thursday.

I bought some printable address labels on Friday.

I printed the address labels on Saturday.

I packaged the zines and some extra stuff, then posted them, on Sunday

I did some anvil emoji

On Tuesday I drafted the first draft of my anvil emoji proposal. I also asked a friend to make me some nice images, and I will be adding more stuff in the coming time.

Then, I'll submit the proposal, and in a few months to years, the Unicode Consortium will discuss whether an anvil emoji is warranted.

I downloaded my Spotify data

It's mostly streaming history. But there's a strange file of "inferences", which are things that Spotify tries to guess about your lifestyle.

I went to a wedding

Almost. I met up with someone I met at last week's AlgoRave, and we happened to end up in the middle of an outdoor wedding photoshoot. I think we will both make the background of their pictures pop.

On my way home, I found a D6 dice on the street.

I prepped for CSS naked day

On the 9th April, everywhere in the world, it's CSS naked day. All three of my main websites will have no CSS, and look "ugly". It's a neat idea :)

I was otherwise ill



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