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Weeknotes 15

A week has passed. The normal things have orbited.

Is surveillance good? a question I've been asking. I've asked many people and read some books.

I got naked

It was CSS Naked Day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, thanks to timezones. I got naked for it. Lots of others did too.

I went to a craft night

At the hackspace, there is now crafting on Wednesdays. It may not be every Wednesday. I am going to try and roster the popularity of it.

I did some things on GitHub

I was going to look at my profile to see what I did. I am not going to. Do feel free to.

I went to London

I intentionally don't live in London. There are many reasons.

This visit, some reasons I was reminded of were that:

I came back from London

I hitchhiked back. More people should give it a go. Three people gave me a lift. Thanks guys.

I did some more anvil emoji

Running out of time. You'll have to wait til next week for more info here.

Go untoward doing-things-wot-you-find-fun.

Another time.



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