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Weeknotes 17

This week, I am in a cafe with no Internet connection. Unfortunately for you, this doesn't stop my brain firing. It does mean that I won't put any links in the text of this, and will instead dump them at the end in a large Internet heap.

This week I did some things. Rolling the wheel of categorisation results in separation by... location! In these places (ordered by introversion), this week I...


We didn't find a geocache

My friend placed a geocache in the wild. They didn't submit it to the website, but had told me as much as "it's near some trees and some stairs". Two of us found such a place where it could be, and had a small look around. We gave up, but it was later confirmed we'd found the right area.

Next time I'm nearby I'll have a more in depth comb.

I went for a cold dip

It was very cold. I stayed in for only a few minutes until I felt I couldn't swim much longer, then found some ground to stand on, then got out and wrapped as many layers as I could find around me.

It was fun. And also perhaps preparation for a wilder dip next week in Scotland.

I did a litter pick

This has been the third I've done with the person who organises it. I got there a couple minutes late but the organiser had supposed that I would turn up, so left me a bagged bag. Very nice. Picked up trash.

We took some bench photos

I've been interested in OpenBenches for a while, and I got the bench sign working last week. We took a lot of pictures of some benches in a park this week that were not catalogued.

I added some of them to the website while I was at the hackspace, to see the bench sign update in person. It took around 2 minutes to do so. Neat!

I do think not everything needs to be catalogued, and memorial benches could come under that category. It might be a nice thought that you can discover a bench without knowing, or that you have to visit it in person to experience sitting in it. However, I also think it's fun and nice that it can be catalogued. I don't think it necessarily has to lessen things.

I put on a new bike inner tube (again)

Last week I put a new inner tube on my bike. I got a puncture again. In retrospect I should've spent more effort trying to find what caused the puncture.

I bought a new tube, and this time, with the help of a friend, combed over the tyre with a strong finger pinch and a knife, removing tens of small shards of glass and rocks. It was quire satisfying.

Let's see how long it takes for another puncture...


I made a back for the train sign

The bench train sign was taken out of a larger train sign. Thus, it didn't have a proper back. The back was slightly longer than the laser cutting wood sheets at the hackspace, so I had to join two bits together.

After much trial and error, and help from another member, I joined two bits together with a laser cut dovetail joint. (I also taped them together).

Another member gifted an LED strip (with power supply), which I stuck to the back of the backing board to make a backlight. It was very effective!

I finished my hat

At craft and laptop-free night at the hackspace, I finished the colourful chef hat that I started last week. I hand sewed it, partly because hand sewing is a slow process with a goal, so I could chat more easily, and partly because I was sewing a large circle to a small circle, so there were a lot of folds upon folds.

The hat looks pretty nice. I like it. You'll have to imagine it.

I went to Front End Sheffield

This month there was a talk about React, followed by a social.

As ever, it was very nice to chat with people who were deeply interested in, learning, knowledgeable, and/or invested in technology and websites.

I went for pizza

It was tasty. Someone had a fig on their arm.

I played board games, board games, and board games

I accidentally organised three separate board game nights, three days in a row. Two are done, one is today.

I haven't played many board games in a while, so it is great to be in the deep end. 🎲


This category could also be described as "inside (alone)".

I added some pages to my website

Firstly, I added my handstands game. Link below. Play it :)

Secondly, I added a page for...

I submitted the anvil emoji proposal

You can see the proposal on the link below. I submitted it this week, before I could convince myself that more things needed added or changing.

Over the next few months, I should get an update about it, and by November see the ultimate decision from the Unicode Consortium as to whether to include it as an emoji.

I checked pollen bot reminders

Last year I set up pollen bot. A few weeks ago I set it up again, but the reminders were broken. Last week, I set it up again again, and now the reminders work.

I planned for bothies

I'm going on a grand wild-camping adventure. Not having a tent or much else, there has been a lot of planning, a lot of pondering, and a lot of wonderful people willing to lend me things for it.

It overlaps with next week's weeknote date, so maybe I will hand-write it. Only time will tell.

I clarified some font workshop ideas

I'm doing a font workshop at emfcamp! There were some questions about it. I need to make some updates to the presentation before I do it, but they're tracked in github issues.

I asked if anyone wanted to exhibit the bench sign

I think the bench sign is a cool idea. I think it would make an interesting art installation, so I have been asking around to see if anyone else thinks similarly.


Bench sign:


Anvil emoji:

pollen bot:

Font workshop:

The end

My main audience here is myself. I don't provide a lot of context. My secondary audience is you, dear reader. Do ask me any questions. I love to chat.

Forever never, and endlessly whenever.



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