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Weeknotes 22

It's a very short one this week. I've just got home from EMF Camp which has been a wonderful adventure of making and meeting friends, and simply chatting to so many wonderful people.

The randomly generated format, from the random generating format wheel, this week, is: incredibly brief statements.

If you would like to know more about any statement, please do text me, email me, or mention me on Mastodon!!

What I did at EMF Camp

Some of my EMF Camp experience is listed here. Much more is forgotten or exalted.

Overall it was such a wonderful weekend. I am very tired.

What I did not at EMF Camp

Outside of EMF, I sent off the 31 lipu tenpo magazines on Tuesday to people across the world. A picture was uploaded of some arriving to Germany today. Very fun. I don't remember what else, and I shan't try to.

Here's to much restfulness.

Hack the planet.



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