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Weeknotes 24

I have been volunteering at DocFest this week. I have been volunteering at DocFest today. I have just got home from DocFest. It is past midnight.

As sleep is one of my favorite things, it will be brief this week. In that manner, links will be provided at the bottom and not in text, and the topics will be ordered "in the order that I wrote them down", perhaps my highest entropy weeknote yet.

What have I been doing this week?

I have learnt how to use interrupts on an ESP

For the train sign, I wanted to use a single ESP, rather than an Arduino Uno + ESP + serial connection.

This requires rewiring the hardware. I thought this would be the hard bit. However, it also requires compiling the software for ESP. It did not compile to begin with.

The software used a timer specific to Arduino. I had to find an interrupt library for ESP. I think I did, and got it vaguely working, but there's more to do.

I'll hack at it when I'm next at the hackspace.

I went to a design festival

This is less than it sounds. I saw a sign in town for "design festival" so I wandered in. It was architectural design, and sort of boring. Also slightly interesting.

I contributed to Eleventy

Well, technically I did so last December, when I made a pull request.

The PR took me quite a while to make, as it involved a lot of debugging. A lot of other people had a similar issue, so it was nice to feel like I've fixed many people's problems now. Here are some links, first of the PR, then of some issues it closed.

I volunteered at DocFest

A friend mentioned they would volunteer at a thing called "DocFest". I'd not heard of it, but it sounded fun. I and a mutual second friend signed up to volunteer. The original friend didn't actually turn up in the end, but it was so very nice to have that 2nd friend around to experience volunteering at the festival with. Without them I may have enjoyed it but not had the same experience.

DocFest is the largest documentary festival in the UK. It's held in Sheffield. I volunteered as Venue Crew, which meant I did a lot of showing people to their screens, and running around mics for Q&As. I enjoyed it muchly. Here is a mainly unorganised and undeveloped list of how my week went, showing three days of it.

day 1

day 2

day 4 (day 3 was a rest day)

Several items skipped

I did some other stuff but I want to go to sleep now.

Here some are as a completely contextless list:

I actually really want to sleep. Instead of clicking links, please use a search engine to find out about things. Or, email me!

Until next time.

Stay sane.



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