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Weeknotes 26


I have no idea you are reading this. I don't have analytics and I can't see server access logs. I like it this way.

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That's that. Now for the note. What did I do this week, organised by (mostly) "oxymoronic subheadings"?


I got a letter from Australia

I love post! It was very exciting to receive a letter from a friend living in Australia. I'll be replying, and in several weeks they can read that reply.

I got an extension lead

It was hot this week. The length of the power cable on a standing fan (and the room socket layout) was long enough for only one person to receive a breeze. I grabbed an extension lead to fix this.


mi pana e lipu tenpo mute tawa jan

I posted a bunch of lipu tenpo zines to someone who is going to the European toki pona meetup, so they can give them out there. I would have taken them myself, but I am not going, as it is in Berlin, which would be quite the undertaking to get to, as it would probably be around 3 days on trains for both the out and return journey. It would definitely be a fun trip! but I have a lot else that I want to do and see as well.

I made some social media posts for Sheffield Hackspace

You can see some on The rest are in progress.




I took a large break. My inspiration has dwindled. My willingness to share my heart has dwindled. This is fine. All things ebb and flow. Please find the rest of my weeknotes in sentence form.

I made some pom poms at craft night

I had a restful weekend

I ran out of thermal paper for the openbenches printer


I cat-sit at a large house

I went to Front-End Sheffield

I read some of my book


I napped instead of going on a river walk

I missed a monthly litter pick


I looked into repair cafes and found one near me

I got back into playing Mahjong

I watched The Contestant, a documentary

I made a collage of my GoodReads books

I think this is a pretty good programming task for people new to programming. I'm a believer that learning by doing is good and useful, so having ideas of "small things to program" is always good for people who want to learn.

I tried to make a publically viewable version of a GitHub project, but I couldn't

I asked a festival if they needed volunteers

I read a lot about housing cooperatives

I ordered some more thermal paper for the openbenches printer

I created a GitHub issue for OpenBenches to run a 301 redirect for duplicate benches on the API


I switched from using pushbullet's API for notifications to Telegram

I did some work (reviews, code tests, marking issues) for gspread

I got shown a video of someone else printing openbenches


I thought about archival and history for my weeknotes

I think that deletion is good sometimes, actually. If you can keep data forever, should you keep data forever? Is archiving everything for the sake of it good? I don't think so. I enjoy the temporary nature of a lot of things.

I have modified my weeknotes this week to "archive" posts older than a month. Practically, this means nothing. You can still view them, and you can still read them, but I hope there is an air of "intentional erasure" about them.

Perhaps, also, I should just delete older weeknotes.

But, there is a part of me that I struggle against who wishes to save, scrapbook, archive, categorise, and create statistics for everything. I think this is not good.

Take a look at the homepage to see the "archived" notes, and how I did it. Some other quick thoughts I had about what I could do to appease my brain was:

Part of thinking about this was wondering "how many words have I written?". I can answer this question with a nice terminal command:

curl -s "" | pcregrep -o1 "([0-9,]*) words" | sed 's/,//g' | awk '{tot += $0} END {print tot}'

Running this suggests that I have written 26,173 words. Having measured all of my academic writing in pages, not words, I don't really have a conception of how much this is. Is it a lot? Maybe.

The end

Listen to what your head tells you. Listen to what your friends tell you. Listen to what you think you think.

I am running away from it all. Until next week.



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