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Weeknotes 27

Hello! Welcome to a new week! I'm still writing weeknotes. Who can tell how long this will go on for.

This week, I'm going back to a classic in the organisational list (that I've only done maybe once or twice): chronological!

What did I do on...

    1. I sent all my emails to spam
    2. I visited Pimoroni
    3. I met the digital gaze of a new contributor to lipu tenpo
    4. I went to collage club
    1. I emailed some housing cooperatives
    2. I messaged someone about a space in a house
    3. I payed national insurance
    4. I played some more Mahjong
    1. I went camping!
    2. I didn't go to craft night
    1. We hitched back to Sheffield
    2. I saw my hat in the wild!
    3. Bus bot was released
    4. I bought a railcard
    5. I voted
    1. lipu tenpo nanpa linja li lon
    2. I went to a housewarming
    1. I volunteered at MakeFest
    1. I didn't go to Open Data Camp
    2. I played more Slice n Dice
    3. I got an email from my SpareRoom ad
  8. The End


I sent all my emails to spam

I have many email accounts. I would say I have three "active" ones. Two of those are Outlook accounts, on their mail servers.

A few months ago on my Gmail accounts, I added a strangely-formatted rule (following this guide) to disable spam (by sending all emails to my inbox by default). I've found this useful, so I don't miss emails from friends or random mailing lists I've signed up to by them going to spam when they're not (I don't think I'm really the target audience of the automatic spam filters on account of how much in my spam is not spam to me).

This week I tried to do the same with my hotmail, as I really don't get a lot of actual spam, and most of what I get I would consider useful. I found a setting that was either "detect spam" or "strict filtering mode". Assuming strict filtering mode meant a more manual control of what ended up in spam, I turned it on.

However, what it actually meant was that EVERYTHING ended up in spam. As far as I know, there is not a way to disable spam in Outlook (rules don't apply to spam...).

In the end, I am leaving it on, because... it's quite nice not getting email notifications...

I can check my email when I want to. Nothing is THAT urgent.

I visited Pimoroni

I emailed Pimoroni a few weeks ago, a hobbyist electronics retailer in Sheffield, asking to visit. This week I visited with two others. They were all very friendly, and chatted to us and showed us around to no end.

I met the digital gaze of a new contributor to lipu tenpo

Someone came into the lipu tenpo Discord with fun ideas of selling individual issues, so we talked about it for a while. I also mentioned that the website had some todos. They have been looking at it and are very enthusiastic to contribute. I love it! It makes it feel worthwhile the effort I put into issue tracking, and trying to write a nice readme.

I went to collage club

I made a nice collage with the top halves of some golfers and the bottom halves of some footballers. I met someone who had recently moved into a scam* housing cooperative in Sheffield, and chatted about that, and other things. I stayed behind after and chatted to the lovely lovely organisers, too.

*citation needed


I emailed some housing cooperatives

I was reading about housing cooperatives last week, and collected a list of some in Sheffield that may have had a space. I emailed some of them a nice message this week. Two responded a couple of days ago. I haven't re-responded yet.

I messaged someone about a space in a house

Someone told me about a housing group. I looked on there and saw a lovely room advertised, so I messaged. They seemed enthusiastic, so I sent them my availability to meet. Unfortunately (for me), someone visited the house and they seemed set on them moving in. Things happen, and that's wonderful.

I payed national insurance

As I am a sole trader, I sort my own taxes. I payed my national insurance contributions via a bank action.

I played some more Mahjong

This is really an "all-week" thing, but I may have played the most on Tuesday. It remains a very fun game for me.


I went camping!

A friend organised a camping trip for their birthday. It couldn't have been timed more perfectly in that it was on boneless Wednesday. It was a really wonderful 24 hours of detaching from society and solely interacting with a great group of people.

I didn't go to craft night

I have been to craft night at the hackspace since I helped start it, 10 weeks ago. This was the 11th time it happened. I was busy camping.


We hitched back to Sheffield

Some of us tried our luck on the roads and hitched back to Sheffield. I realised after a while I had a counting device in my pocket, so I started counting cars, but I only got to 4 before we got picked up. Thank you, driver.

I saw my hat in the wild!

A friend changed their profile picture to a beautiful picture of them wearing a hat that I sewed! I love that hat.

Bus bot was released

I made bus bot a while ago to help my friend catch his free bus to work. He released it so his colleagues could also use it. I changed it to run as the bus_bot user instead of root, as I had done with my pollen bot a while ago, and otherwise it was mostly ok. I hope the people using it are having fun.

I bought a railcard

Thanks to my latest blog post, I naturally knew everything there is to know about the 16-25 railcard. I bought a new one.

I voted

I nearly forgot that this happened this week, but I voted in the election. My local MP seat is solidly labour, so I did not have to vote tactically, and could vote more in line with my... ethics.


lipu tenpo nanpa linja li lon

tenpo ni la lipu tenpo nanpa linja li lon. mi pali lon linluwi ona. mi pali e lipu linluwi mute li alasa e sitelen lipu tawa linluwi li toki lon linluwi kulupu pi lipu tenpo.

kin la mi ante e nimi pi ilo Patejon. mi toki e ni tawa ma: sina pana e mani tawa mi kulupu la sina ken kama jo e lipu pi toki pona.

tenpo kama la mi lon e lipu kepeken linluwi pi lipu pali. ni li lon la mi pana e ona tawa jan mute.

I went to a housewarming

The house was warmed. I took a little plant. It was very nice.


I volunteered at MakeFest

Liverpool MakeFest is a wonderful collection of people, ideas, and intriguing objects. I am writing a small blog post about it with a friend, so I shan't go into any detail here. You will have to subscribe to my blog's RSS feed to be notified when you can read about that.


I didn't go to Open Data Camp

I was thinking about going to Open Data Camp in Manchester, since it was on the way back from Liverpool. It sounds like a really interesting conference to me.

I felt too tired to do it, though. I am both glad I maintain my personal sanity and regretful that I didn't make it. Life is good.

I played more Slice n Dice

Slice & Dice is one of my favourite mobile games, and I have high standards. It's a dice-rolling, dungeon-crawling, roguelite, and it's wonderful.

It currently stands at second on my favourite mobile games on my bookmarks list. I might have to move it to first.

I got an email from my SpareRoom ad

It was a wonderful email, with lots of love. I hadn't realised fully that by refreshing my ad every few days I was stopping people contacting me past the "7 days premium contact" period. Luckily, I am googleable, and my email was found, and emailed. It ended up in my junk (not specially, as every email now does, see above), but I found it, read it, loved it, responded to it, and then had a great call to discuss further.

The End

I wrote this on my laptop. I think that is my favourite place to write these. My computer keyboard is janky and annoying to type on (I should probably get a new one, or fix it, but I don't know where to START with fixing that - can I reflash it???). My phone is a bit too slow (the brain operates at maximum speed, and the fingers can only go so fast). The laptop I can use from bed, from my chair, from anywhere.

This week I will do some more things. You can't stop me.

Observe all that is around you. Really soak it in.

Until next week.



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